2021-2022 SCHOOL YEAR


  • We will have Traditional School with plans for Virtual Days if needed.
  • Students will attend school on campus unless a Virtual Day is called.  


  • Parents are encouraged to bring their child to school.
  • We encourage parents to check the student’s temperature prior to sending them to the bus.
  • We count on the parents to decide if the student is healthy enough to board the bus. 

Temperature Screenings

  • While many options for screening were considered, i.e. at the door, in the classroom, or on an as needed basis, we feel the best option for screening begins at home.
  • Do not send students to school sick/ with a temperature of 100° or more.
  • If a student is sent home with a temperature, parent should not send the student back until fever free for 24 hours (The student must be fever free without Tylenol, Motrin, or other medication)  

COVID-19 Screening

  • The school will have communication with State health officials, Comanche County health Department and tribal health officials to determine any need for COVID-19 protocols.
  • COVID-19 testing is greatly encouraged for anyone who has symptoms.
  • The Comanche County Health Dept will facilitate communication with the school & community should a student or staff member test positive.  


  • In compliance with Senate Bill 658, masks will not be required unless Comanche County is declared a state of emergency and in consultation with the county and state health departments.

 Social Distancing

  • Social distancing will be encouraged when space allows.
  • Students will not be restricted to their pod or “family.”


  • Electrostatic sprayers will be used in classrooms and on buses as needed especially during flu season.

Respiratory Etiquette

  • HVAC air filters will be changed regularly, we will open windows where safely possible, and allow for student/staff to take breaks outside in an effort to improve air quality.

Hand Sanitizer

  • Hand sanitizer will be available and encouraged for use.
  • Hand washing will be encouraged.

Students with Disabilities

  • Students with disabilities will be provided services based upon their IEP or 504 educational plan.

Contact Tracing

  • Sites will track the number of positive Covid-19 cases reported.
  • Contact tracing will not take place unless directed by the county health department.

Vaccinations and Testing

  • Vaccinations are encouraged but not required for those eligible.

Virtual Meetings

  • Virtual Parent/Teacher conferences will be offered to parents who cannot or choose not to attend in person.
  • Virtual IEP/504 meetings will be offered to parents who cannot attend in person.

Parents, Guests and Visitors

  • Visitors and guests will be allowed in the building for programs and other special events.

Field Trips and Travel

  • Field trips and travel will be allowed based on the restrictions that were in place pre-Covid-19.


  • Students will eat in the cafeteria and resume lunches as they were prior to Covid-19.
  • Guests at lunch will be limited to special occasions set by the school.
  • Lunches are free to all students for the 21-22 school year

Start times

  • School start times will remain the same as they were for the 20-21 school year.

Fletcher Public Schools will remain in contact & continue to seek advice from state & local health departments as well as the CDC.