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I am unique and special. There is no one I would rather be than me. Today I have the courage to be the best I can be. I am responsible for my own actions. I can learn. I am loved. I have Great Expectations for myself. I will reach for the stars. I will succeed!

Elementary Tournament Brackets
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Reminder: Fundraising forms and money are due by Wednesday. You may order your entire order online and pay by credit card and have it shipped to your house or the school. You may also turn in the order forms with all money to the office. Thank you for all of your help!





Upcoming Events



    5th & 6th Basketball Schedule

    9: Gracemont Festival

    10: Gracemont Festival

    23-28: Fletcher Tourn

    16: Apache (there) 5:00

    6: Cement (here) 4:30

    13: Pioneer (here) 4:30

    16: Cement (there) 4:30

    28: Sterling (here) 4:00

    4: Pioneer (there) 5:00

    5: Friend (there) 4:30

    14: Apache (here) 4:15